About Us

Experience, passion,
and innovation.

With over 21 years in hotel technology, providing a unique and dedicated 360-degree service.

A team that makes a lot of noise

We work together, laugh together, and inspire each other to find new ways of doing things.

We understand that the freedom to experiment with different ideas makes us better at what we offer: solutions specially designed for accommodations that want to make a difference.

What we believe in drives us


We don't measure our strength in quantities, but in the quality of the people we partner with, the brilliance of the ideas created together, and the results our clients achieve by making a positive impact in the market. We believe in what we do, and that shines through from the very beginning.


We don't wear ties, we don't deliver boring lectures, and we don't repeat the same phrases. We believe in an elegant way of conducting hotel business, where technology is intertwined with human passion, and strategy with a commitment to well-being and joy. Our motto is: if it doesn't excite, it doesn't work.


We have fun while doing what we know, but most of all when we take risks, with curiosity to know what's next. Your project is the engine of our enthusiasm, and no matter how complex it may seem, we make it possible. Rest assured, no functionality or process can resist us.


We know you're a unique client, and that's why we're excited about the process of learning more about your business and where you're headed. Our commitment to what we do is unwavering, and we never allow ourselves to fall into routine. Our clients stay because we renew our commitment every day.

Each project quickens the beat
of our enthusiasm

Ask our clients how long they've been with us. 'Impossible' isn't in our dictionary.

+000M €Confirmed bookings
+000Hotels that
trust us
+000Hotel chains
by our side

Restless from the beginning

More than 20 years ago, Neobookings began to take shape in the restless mind of José María, a trained computer scientist and a hotelier at heart - he spent his afternoons in the hotel where his father worked as a bartender when he was a child.

It was when he started using his programming skills that he discovered the need hotels already had back then to streamline and optimize their daily operations.

In 2004, the official launch took place, and he was joined by his college mate, Víctor, and later Raúl. Three tireless and perfectionist minds in the digital universe and working with people.

Today, our family includes talented developers, strategists, and platform creators, committed to elegance and functionality.

Staying still? That's not an option. While we write this, we're already heading towards a new project.