Say goodbye to your problems

Optimize the management of bookings for all your hotels and services.

Simplify, save, and offer security

Move from the complexity of manual management to a complete transformation of your daily operations, freeing up time and ensuring total security in each of your transactions with customers.

What will you achieve with Neo Payments?

Save time for your team and provide quality customer service.

Automate payments and refunds

Centralize your operations and streamline the management of charges and refunds within the reservation itself.

Create payment links and enhance security

Maintain payment security for all reservations (direct and from channels) at any time and with the amount you choose.

Forget about credit cards and reduce fraud

Ensure the validity of all reservation credit cards (direct and OTAs) without the need to make charges.

All management in a single interface

Centralize your payments and optimize the management of changes, refunds, and reservations.

Optimize your team's performance

Free your team from manual and repetitive tasks that often lead to errors and time wastage.

Tailored to your business

Together, we will define the exact optimization and payment management model for both your direct bookings and OTA bookings.

Benefits of hiring Neo Payments

Designed to meet all the security standards

A multitude of payment plans
Token-based operations. No physical credit cards
Integrated into the back office
Automated and centralized operations
Automatic charges in compliance with PSD2
PCI and GDPR compliance