The booking software that makes all your services and products shine

A complete redefinition of your business's efficiency and profitability.

Imagine a service that transforms your team's daily operations

Increase your business's profitability by reducing intermediary costs and exploring complementary offers. Envision a direct sales strategy that not only strengthens your channel but also adds value to every customer interaction.

All of this, combined with the automation of routine processes, opens the door to a world where each action creates additional value.

What will you achieve with Neo Commerce?

Differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your cash flow

Vouchers and gift cards
Day pass
Massages and therapies
Spa access
Pool access
Tasting menus
Hotel amenities
Equipment rental
Choose between fixed or open dates and manage your bookings either automatically or manually, directly from the back office.

Flexible booking configuration

Black out days
Sales stop
Minimum stay
Date-based pricing
Cancellation policy
Promo codes and offers
What does this service include?

The best integrated payment gateways with free setup

Payment methods
Book with or without a specific date
Inventory availability and rate management
Calendar-based offer selection
Loyalty marketing
Gift voucher codes
Deals and promotions
Creation of cancellation policies
Sales stops