Advanced connectivity, efficiency, and robustness

Distribute information across all your tools and coordinate your operations using a single system.

Forget about uncertainties

With our advanced integrations, your revenue management undergoes a significant transformation. Our strategic partnership with industry-leading tools not only enhances your operational management but also ensures a seamless and efficient workflow, providing you with valuable insights and strategies to maximize your revenue potential.

Metasearch Engines: Make your hotel stand out

With our exclusive integration with Google and the leading metasearch engines, your hotel will not only stand out but dominate the market. Increase your visibility and attract a larger number of visitors.

Google Hotel Ads

Maximize your visibility

Integrate your hotel with the world's most powerful price comparison tool. Discover the magnitude of Google and experience the limitless reach of our direct, intermediary-free integration.


The most famous metasearch

The most renowned one. Showcase your rates attractively and boost your bookings through strategic cost-per-click campaigns.


The reference for reviews

Tripadvisor serves as the ideal catalyst for conversion, seamlessly blending user reviews with the comprehensive comparison of the most competitive rates available in the market.

Channel Managers: Strengthened Collaboration

Our engine integrates with the most important channel managers in the market, and we continue to expand our reach. If you don't find yours on the list, don't hesitate to contact us. We are constantly evolving to enhance your experience and that of your customers.

Integrated PMS: Efficient Management

Connect our booking engine to your PMS for automatic and synchronized reservation and inventory management. Our solution also integrates with various channel managers, making property management more efficient and seamless.

POS and Payment Platforms: Innovating in Diversity

Diversity in payment options is crucial today. We are integrated with various POS systems and payment platforms, providing a wide range of choices to meet your customers' needs.

Additional tools

We continuously innovate, making it easy to integrate with new tools and solutions that expand the reach of your direct sales.

Personalization and conversionPrice comparison, user reviews, and intelligent offers that adjust to match customer behavior and preferences.
Artificial Intelligence & ChatbotsOmnichannel solution that provides instant responses, streamlines inquiries, and completes booking requests.
Loyalty & Online ReputationEnhance reputation, marketing, and direct sales by generating leads, building brand virality, and implementing email marketing.
Revenue Management Combine online price recommendation with automated inventory management, and channel closures.

Ready to move forward?

With our integrations with metasearch engines, channel managers, and PMS systems, we guarantee efficient synchronization and management of your reservations. Furthermore, our online payment solutions optimize time management, complementing your sales strategy.

If you can't find the integration you need, our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution.

Ready to move forward?

With our integrations with metasearch engines, channel managers, and PMS systems, we ensure efficient synchronization and management of your reservations. Moreover, our online payment solutions streamline time management, complementing your sales strategy.