Channel Manager

The channel manager that truly empowers your direct sales

Forget endless hours of mapping and radically transform your hotel distribution.

Set up and ready to sell

Our Channel Manager is a comprehensive and fully automated solution for managing your sales channels, ensuring unprecedented optimization in every aspect of your distribution.

Optimize your profitability

Effortlessly manage your distribution strategy, capture more bookings, maximize revenue, and expand your market presence.

Protect your direct sales

Take advantage of our advanced automatic rules to streamline your daily management, safeguard your direct sales, and maximize profitability.

Create customized offers

Customizable with unlimited rates and offers for each channel, including specific options for metasearch engines.

Manage your sales stoppages

Efficiently handle sales openings and closures globally with a single click through a unified interface.

Identify disparities

Quickly identify any disparities across channels and make necessary adjustments with our differential analysis.

Access detailed reports

Generate reports that include channel comparisons, percentages, cancellation rates, and total production. All the relevant data at your disposal, and for your team as well.

Optimize your time

Experience significant time savings of up to 20 hours per week when you manage your online distribution seamlessly and efficiently from a single, centralized control point.

Unified inventory with PMS integration

Visualize your entire distribution on a single screen and enjoy seamless integration with leading PMS systems in the market for automated reservation management.

Synchronize everything effortlessly

Maintain complete synchronization of rates, calendars, availabilities, reservation data, and payments, ensuring efficient and hassle-free hotel management.

We map for you

We take care of the mapping; you don't have to do anything. We deliver a fully configured system ready for the success of your profitability.

Synchronization in seconds with

Our connectivity with is tailored to fit our Channel Manager, featuring unique configurations you won't find with any other provider.

Unprecedented speed

Our system provides exceptionally fast synchronization, updating inventory and processing reservations in an average record time of just 7 seconds.

Invalid cards

When Neobookings marks the card as invalid, it will notify and automatically download another card when the guest provides one. If not reported within 36 hours, the reservation will be canceled.

No-show control

Neobookings will notify all reservations where the guest has not shown up starting from the check-in date (at 00:00). This option is available exclusively after the check-in date.

Genius bookings Integration

If you participate in the Genius program, Neobookings will automatically identify all Genius rate reservations, allowing for complete and effortless control.

Review management

Maintain close contact with your customers. View and respond to guest reviews directly, enhancing the guest experience and your online reputation.

An advanced connection

We stand out in the market with an unparalleled integration, taking management and operational efficiency to new heights and providing a wide range of customizable configurations.

Payment management with absolute automation

Neo Payments, our integrated and automated payment manager with all national POS systems, saves your team time and provides quality service.

Efficiency in payments and refunds

Automate and centralize the payment and refund processes directly for all your reservations, optimizing operations and enhancing your financial management.

Generate payment links and enhance security

Generate secure payment links for any reservation, whether it's direct or through channels, at any time and with the amount of your choice, enhancing security and flexibility.

Forget about credit cards and enhance security

Validate and securely tokenize all reservation cards, simplifying customer payments and your team's management while significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Centralize all management in a single interface

Manage all payments and automate them with a single click in a unified interface, customizing payment terms as needed.

Customized payment plans

Tailor payment plans to your needs by selecting the method, timing, and amount to charge, offering a wide range of possibilities and payment methods.

Complete automation

Ensure secure reservation payments, fully compliant with PSD2, GDPR, and PCI-DSS regulations, featuring PMS integration for seamless and automated payment processing.