Neo Rates

The Rate Shopper you need to master market trends

Stay ahead of changes and optimize your revenue management with competitive pricing.

An intelligent feature

Neo Rates is a tool that monitors, in real-time, your competitors' behavior, distribution channel rates, and also manages your online reputation.

What will you achieve with Neo Rates?

Ensure you adjust your pricing strategies effectively, so that your rates are not only competitive but also profitable.

Centralized strategy

Analyze your competitors' strategy on your control panel.

Price parity

Detect disparities and deviations instantly, controlling your distribution.

Strengthen your direct channel

Ensure that your prices are attractive to customers visiting your website.

Unified online reputation

Manage reviews and ratings from all channels in a single tool.

Price optimizer

Perfect your pricing strategies by finding the balance between demand and profitability.

Detailed real-time information

Analyze your competitors up to 365 days in advance, with historical data on prices and occupancy.

Free up valuable time and focus on other areas of management

Simplify your operations and enjoy your day

Review manager
Channel positioning
Data filtered according to your objectives
Real-time centralized information
Stay ahead of demand changes