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Neobookings has a super stable back office and an incredible and efficient support team. Feeling so well attended and seeing their constant evolution, demonstrated year after year, is what motivates us to continue with them.

Pablo Escandell
Molins Park

We chose Neobookings for their closeness, the proactive attitude of the entire team, and their agility in implementing changes and new features. It is a reliable company that responds with clarity and care. They have the attitude that a great partner should have: a critical spirit and collaboration at all times.

Antonio Balaguer
Marketing Director
MarSenses Hotels & Homes

We have been working with Neobookings for 15 years. Working with them has allowed us to take full advantage of the tools they offer to improve our work. They make everything easier and bring enthusiasm to every step.

Aina Salas
Hotel Son Sant Jordi

Beyond their jovial and relaxed image, the Neobookings team works with great dedication and efficiency. Their trust and closeness are fundamental to us.

Javier Marí

We chose Neobookings for its relevance, the liveliness of the company, and their approachable way of responding to customers. They have a back office that is easy to use, and the response speed of their booking engine is very good.

Minorca Valentín
Responsable comercial
Mar Hotels

Neobookings is the essential tool in which you must invest, especially for accommodations focused on direct sales. It's the most profitable if you need quality service and up-to-date functionalities. It's that "basic wardrobe essential" that also has the perfect accessories to make your product shine!

Sandra Carrera
Ecommerce Manager
Oca Hotels

Neobookings is about closeness and human quality. A modern and innovative company with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Carles Carles Masjoan
Hotel Montemar Marítim

Neobookings offers the best customer service and state-of-the-art technology. They are kind, efficient, and very quick in response time, always seeking solutions or offering us the best alternatives. Technologically, they fit our needs perfectly and have the best market tool to facilitate daily work. They are constantly innovating and have all the necessary complementary tools. We have compared with other providers, and none satisfy our needs like they do.

Mari Carmen Cabrera
Online Sales Manager
Bull Hotels

Neobookings is valuable for its product, the service it provides, the continuous improvements, and the attention of its team. We highly value the speed of response when we need assistance in using the booking engine. They have helped us increase bookings through our website and are always available to resolve our doubts or problems.

Toni Palau
Hotel Garbi Ibiza

A company that is always seeking improvements, with exceptional customer service. We value their versatility, support, and innovation. They are an essential tool for managing our inventory reservations, standing out for attentive, friendly, and committed staff.

Ana Huertas
Sales Manager

The best technology for marketing hotels with the best human treatment, highly recommendable.

Roberto Hortensius
Hotel Osiris

The Neobookings team is committed, transparent, straightforward, and clear, with a personalized and humane approach always available when we need something. I continually recommend them to my colleagues in the sector.

Ángel Piné Tur
Director of Sales & Marketing
Torre del Mar

Neobookings greatly facilitates the life of hotel companies. It's not just a program, but a whole series of services associated with comprehensive service, always ready to help you with whatever you need.

Miguel Solá
Hotel Torre del Remei

Highly recommended, Neobookings is synonymous with professionalism and friendliness. If only all companies were like them!

Enrique Domenech
Hotel El Alamo Alicante

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